Corporate voluntary work day for British American Tobacco, April 2017

 Client: British American Tobacco (BAT)

 Date: April 22th, 2017

 Venue: Rostok centre for social reablitation for grown-ups and children with disabilities

 Number of participants:  300



  • To attract the employees’ attention to the protection of environment/cultural legacy
  • To remind the employees that they are a part of a big team where each person works not just for the Company’s good but also for the good of society
  • To build a corporate culture for the employees, to create a feeling of unity
  • To create the conditions for a comfortable pastime for the employees and their families
  • To fill the employees with positive emotions and enthusiasm for further work



  • Help for Rostok centre for social rehabilitation for grown-ups and children with disabilities (purchase of garden equipment, preparation of the street furniture for painting, territory cleaning, treatment of trees against insects, planting of bushes and trees)
  • Children’s animation program
  • A family workshop on playing the musical instruments