BANDA BAT, January 2017

Client: British American Tobacco (BAT)

Date: January 21th, 2017

Venue: Prime Hall

Number of participants: 360


  • To organize the event to draw up the results of the year that would remind the employees that they are a part of a big team and that the Company reaches its goals thanks to each of them
  • To remind about the Company’s achievements in order to make the employees feel part of a big international company
  • To inspire the employees for new challenges
  • To hold a high-level corporate holiday for all the employees, during which they could relax and have fun with their colleagues, to get positive emotions, energy and enthusiasm for the year coming
  • To increase employee loyalty



  • Bright and effective concept that was reflected in each part of the event, dress code and a special logo of the event
  • Thematic gifts for each Guest
  • A collage out of photos of important moments in the company life that later became a decoration of the office.
  • The awarding of the employees accompanied by a drum show
  • Dance and music performances prepared by the employees in the style of the event
  • A big flag with a company logo signed by all the Guests
  • A video with congratulations and wishings for the Guests that was shot and mounted right at the event
  • Mannequin challenge
  • A huge cake branded according to the style of the event