BAT Family & Football Day, august 2017



Client: British American Tobacco (BAT)

Date: August 26th, 2017

Venue: Vesta sports and health complex

Number of participants:  530



  • To strengthen the corporate culture of the company and the opinion that British American Tobacco in Belarus is the best tobacco company and employer.
  • To arouse the competitive spirit.
  • To unite the team in the sporting struggle, to work up mutual understanding in informal atmosphere.
  • To build friendly relationship within the team, to create the feeling of unity.
  • To add a family feel into the event.
  • To involve all the participants of the event and have a good time together.



  • Special logo of the event.
  • The football teams were supported by the company’s own cheerleading group. The company’s employees made a special performance.
  • A special t-shirt signed by a company’s football players that later became a decoration of the office and a nice reminder about Family&Football Day.
  • An after-match tournament for the best penalty kicker – any participant of the event could become the one.
  • A funny family 80’s style warming-up.
  • The fan school for adults and kids (common workshops on fan attributes, cheer learning, thematic aero-tattoos etc.
  • Family obstacle course with special gifts for all the participants.
  • A tasty cake branded specially for the event.