- To strengthen relations between employees and ensure adaptation of new ones.

- To reflect company’s values through activities.

- To create media content based on the event that would be attractive to potential empoyees.

- To organize a wide variety of activities and a chill zone that can be attended at will.


Event solutions:

- New Year Full House was the name of the event. It had a mixed atmosphere of a casino, a private club and a superb location outside the city.

- Bioli Hall was chosen as a location with two separate halls: the main one with catering and stage and the small one with chill zone and activities.

- An event telegram channel was created to keep all 200 guests up to the timeline so as no one miss event program.

- 14 activities and 2 photo areas provided comfortable dispersion according to everyone’s own interests.

- Participation in activities was encouraged by the opportunity to get casino chips which could be used to buy some souvenirs at the New Year market.

- Vivid shows on the stage were performed: a barman show, dance a flashmob, company band’s musical set.

- 80 people were engaged in the process of event organization and holding.

- A link-up with St. Petersburg office was held to strengthen the team spirit even among different cities.