Conducting conferences, presentations, business meetings and seminars is an integral part of any company’s life. It can be both conferences in Minsk or retreat conferences in any cities within or outside Belarus.

EVENT STUDIO BON will organize and conduct your conference

The efficiency of each event depends on the level of preparation and people involved. That is why it is so important to confide it to professionals – thus you may be sure that the event will go the way you wanted.

Event Studio Bon has been organizing business events for more than 8 years. When organizing conferences in Minsk and retreat conferences Event Studio Bon does the following:

  • chooses the venue (traditional conference halls and unusual locations: nature, a dance studio, a restaurant kitchen, a factory etc.);
  • technical equipment of the venue;
  • invites speakers;
  • helps creating the content;
  • prepares press-materials and souvenirs;
  • works with media and opinion makers together with our partner– PRCI company;
  • organizes coffee breaks;
  • hires professional interpreters;
  • books hotel rooms and provides transfer;
  • helps foreign citizens to get a Belarusian visa together with our partner – Smile House company;
  • organizes the entertaining part of the conference;
  • organizes photo and video shooting;
  • registers the participants of the event;
  • realizes any ideas of yours with the help of proper marketing tools.

We value each client. When creating and realizing a project we think through all the details to perform the tasks that you set and get the right ant specific results.

You can order the organization of a conference in and outside Minsk right now by filling out a brief or phoning us.

Examples of conferences that we organized