Dealer, distributor and partner conventions

The tasks:

  • to present new products and study;
  • to exchange information and reveal the needs of the market;
  • to revise contracts at more beneficial terms;
  • to discuss the existing problems and define the prospects of further cooperation;
  • to encourage the leading dealers/distributors/partners.

How to hold an effective convention for dealers, distributors or partners

  1. To set a clear-cut goal of the meeting and the main tasks within it. 
  2. To create an atmosphere that would boost both formal and informal communication.
  3. To aks and listen more than talk. Often dealers/distributors/partners have more information than a producer does.
  4. To avoid cliches. Not to hold conventional events, to make post-event activities (surveying, subscribing, emailing), not to substitute the formal part of the meeting for entertainments. 
  5. Remember about the human factor. Seating arrangement, good food and drinks, networking pauses in the program etc. are all important. 

Our solutions:

  1. Convenient location, thorough logistics and technical equipment, precise timing plan and control of each stage of it. 
  2. Non-conventional event contributing to the goals. It can be thematic lunches, Pecha Kucha presentation format, unconferences, online-events, outdoor events etc.
  3. Attention to details and surprising the guests by arranging a bright welcome, unusual souvenirs, memorable photo area etc.
  4. Better results of the meeting through working in small groups instead of big panel discussions.