Periodic meetings managment and planning

The tasks:

  • to create an optimal marketing strategy, draw up the results, set new goals
  • to enhance work efficiency and improve your employees’ skills
  • to motivate the employees for success and specific goals

How to hold efficient periodic meetings 

  1. Change the environment. The employees will perceive the information more efficiently outside the habitual working place.
  2. Inspire the people. To reach the best effect, a meeting should be memorable and interesting to each participant.
  3. Create reliable communication between top-managers and their employees. A good solution would be for a top manager to hold an informal speech, thus all the participants will feel as a whole.

Our solutions:

  1. A creative concept. A strong idea is the moving power that helps to conduct a periodic meeting in one breath.
  2. Gamification of the learning process. We substitute trainings for workshops and business simulations and organize complex roleplays instead of traditional presentations.
  3. AR technology, 3D-models, gadgets and devices. All these add special hi-tech touch and highlight how innovational the company is.
  4. Individual motivation programs full of creative teamwork, quests and games.
  5. A venue most suitable for the event.