The tasks:

  • to enter a new market segment;
  • to promote new goods/services, to attract Clients;
  • to present new achievements;
  • to create/improve a company’s image;
  • to stand out from the competitors;
  • to consolidate the connections with key audiences, to get the key message across.

How to hold an effective presentation?

  1. To set the priorities following the goal.
  2. To choose the right audience.
  3. To establish effective communication with mass media, bloggers and opinion makers.
  4. To choose a speaker (a representative of the company or a professional speaker).
  5. To focus the guests’ attention, not to overdo it with interaction, entertainments and other special things.


Our solutions:

  1. The creative concept which is based on the goals and audience of the event.
  2. A PR-campaign that we plan and hold together with our partner – PRCI company.
  3. 3D Mapping, VR and other modern technologies.
  4. WOW-reaction that we achieve by introducing innovation and unexpected surprises for the guests.
  5. Live streaming of the event.