Planning a corporate festival

Organization and conduct of festivals

Event Studio BonBon offers a full cycle of services on the organization of festivals and contests of any scale and complexity. Event Studio Bon specialists have great experience in creating scenarios, preparation and conduct of festivals and contests at the national and international levels.

The organization of festivals is sure of great interest to mass media and opinion makers. A well-organized festival strengthens the brand, attracts clients, develops partnership network and gives a boost to the popularization of a certain cultural, social or professional environment.

Organization and conduct of festivals includes:

  • concept creation;
  • PR-campaign of the festival together with our partner – PRCI company;
  • search for partners and sponsorship;
  • selection of the event venue;
  • getting an agreement for the organization and conduct of the festival from the government;
  • developing a scenario that would consider the timing of a festival/contest
  • organization of a show program and activities that would consider the goals and target audience of the festival;
  • visa support for the jury and special Guests of the event if the festival is international;
  • technical support of the event;
  • event security management;
  • photo and video shooting.

Festivals and contests can also be held for a charitable purpose. In this case they aim at raising money to help people who need it and attract public and media attention to some social problem. Event Studio BonBon pays a special attention to KCO projects and organizes charity festivals for companies who wish to do eco-friendly and socially responsible business.

Organization of festivals and contests by Event Studio BonBon is a successful solution of business tasks set before the event. We do our best to make the event a great PR tool: set clear-cut goals and tasks of the project, allocate responsibilities, organize an expert PR-campaign, work out a thorough concept and program, think through the public event logistics, technical support and creativity.

You can start the organization of a festival with Event Studio BonBon right away. For this call us or fill out a brief – and we will get down to creating your unique project today.