Coffee Fest 2017, April 2017

Client: SKA Belarus

Date: April 8-9th, 2017

Venue: Galleria Minsk Trade and Entertainment Centre

Number of participants:  65 000



  1. To attract partners and participants
  2. To gather coffee amateurs and professionals in one place
  3. To organize the entertaining part of the event
  4. To equip the venue to hold 4 coffee championships in compliance with international standards
  5. To popularize the profession of a barista and promote the culture of Specialty coffee in Belarus
  6. To attract the consumers’ attention to using a high-quality product


Results in figures:

  • 4 international coffee championships out of the 7 held in the professional world of coffee
  • 36 baristas
  • 20 certified judges from Switzerland, Iceland, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus
  • more than 10 000 cups of coffee prepared for 2 days
  • 46 partners of the festival
  • 25 companies-participants
  • 20 interactive areas and thematic locations
  • 20 workshops from European and UN coffee gurus
  • 6 из 6 is the score for the organization of the festival charged by the international jury team